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Live it - Love It - South Africa!

Tradewind Travel offer you the opportunity to experience the beauty and diversity of South Africa by introducing you to local South Africans to share common interests, passions and hobbies with them.


Experience South Africa through the love of sport - Watch or Play - You Choose 

We can arrange group tours for all sporting events and individual itineraries. We can also assist your team  travel there and compete against South Africans of a similar level.


Experience South Africa by connecting with South Africans that share your interests!

Learn their methods and expand your appreciation through Master Classes, Workshops, Home Visits and Tours!


Volunteer in Southern Africa!

Tradewind Travel can offer you the opportunity to combine volunteering in small chunks with an unforgettable holiday to this beautiful country


A special way to experience Cape Town

Mention the website for a £75 discount off our Art - Music or Cuisine tour 2011.
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About Tradewind Travel

South African Travel Expert

My name is Ann Walton - I run and manage Tradewind Travel. I am a South African and have spent a great deal of time both in the UK and in South Africa.

South Africa is truly a deverse and wonderful country. It is larger than most expect and has so much to offer. The problem is - what to choose to visit and what to leave for another time. How to know where to go?

This calls for a specialist - someone who knows the country intimately. Tradewind Travel can ensure that you get what you are expecting from your trip to South Africa - and even suggest things that you never knew existed. We will take the time to find out your interests and expectations are then help you get what you desire.

Tradewind Travel has taken it even further and developed a special way to experience the rainbow nation - by interacting with South Africans with common interests and hobbies.

We have tours that will take you to the arthubs of Cape Town, have a master class with an acclaimed artist and give you the opportunity to draw or paint the inspirational scenery.

If you are musiclover - you can do a jazz safari - have a tour of the muscially rich areas of Cape Town and then visit and possibly even jam with them.

Perhaps have a cookingclass from a master chef.

Enjoy a dinner and some local wine, while mixing with local artists.

We then throw in the 'must see's' of the Cape Town and you have the makings of a truly unique and enriching experience.

We believe in personal touch and that you will get the most out your holiday by speaking to someone who has special knowledge.

Please do not hesitate to call us on +44 (0) 1202 233969 if you would like to chat about anything or need help with any aspect of booking your holiday to South Africa. Or you can email This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it



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Featured Tour

Combine the best of Cape Town with your love of Music

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Combine the best of Cape Town with your love of Music FIND OUT MORE

Featured Sports Tour

Rugby Tri Nations


You get to watch some fantastic rugby and to see some of the most beautiful sights in the world. 2011 tour coming soon!
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